Truth in Healthcare: An Introduction

April 11, 2019 by Katie Davis

Truth in Healthcare - Aging in place with CarePods, Charlotte NC

“The doctor wouldn’t keep prescribing these medications if they weren’t good for me,” she said over and over again.

I was talking to a friend’s grandmother at her request after she had fallen and had a subsequent skilled nursing stay. My friend suspected her grandmother’s blood pressure medication was making her dizzy and had contributed to her fall. But her grandmother wouldn’t listen to her concerns.

“Would you mind reminding me again which physician subscribed this?”

“Oh, well I haven’t seen my primary care physician in a while, but my cardiologist prescribed it when I had my surgical follow-up visit a few months ago. But like I’ve said, I called them because I had that fall and the medication made me dizzy, so they told me they would adjust it. It’s all settled now.”

“And is this the same medication you were taking in the skilled nursing facility before you left?”

“Oh, I think so. But I have a lot of extra pain medication left over.”

“And you’re not taking it?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Ok, great.”

As I have done so many times before, I took a deep breath, sat down and asked her if she would grant me a little bit of time to better understand how she would like to receive and access care in the future if she needed it.

Thankfully she nodded, and we began….

This scenario plays out daily at CarePods as we meet with many clients (both aged adults typically in their 80s and their adult children) who are in the midst of navigating the health care system in a significant way.

Whether they are wealthy or low-income, Master’s educated or high school graduates, men or women, searching for themselves or a loved one… they all have one thing in common:


My opinion after twelve years working within the ‘system’ is that despite what Google may tell you, the issue can’t be isolated to a single source. There are simply too many problems to tackle at once and discussing those long-term fixes does very little to help older adults who need care today.

So, I prefer to start what the facts as we know them. In this three-part series, we’ll explore what I like to call the trifecta of truth. I hope these three principles help you or your loved one think in a different way about your healthcare so you can take better control of your future experiences.

We’ll cover each principle in detail in future posts. They are:

Truth #1: The chronic conditions that used to kill us no longer do.

Truth #2: Doctors, patients and other healthcare providers operate within a system they don’t control. We exchange our independence for security.

Truth #3: Old age isn’t an illness.

I look forward to exploring these topics in further detail with you, starting with Truth #1 next week. In the meantime, please let me know if I’m missing a core item on the list!

Until next time,



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