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The Blossoming Kitchen

Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.
~ Julia Child
The Blossoming Kitchen

Professional Training and Background:

Founded in 2016 by Katrina Bearer, Adrienne Wei and Kara Markley, The Blossoming Kitchen helps clients put their health and well-being first by making it easy and delicious to eat healthy.

Executive Chef and Co-Owner Katrina Bearer has a long and impressive culinary arts resume.  She received a scholarship to train at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte and spent time in Florida working in a five-star restaurant before eventually returning to Charlotte. Katrina served as the Executive Chef of Nolen Kitchen in Charlotte for two years and prior to that, the Chef DeCuisine. Among other accomplishments, Katrina won awards for “Best Appetizer” from respected food critic Helen Schwab.

Adrienne Wei is Co-Owner of Blossoming Kitchen and a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for all things health and nutrition. She grew up in a family with a mom who was a Chinese medicine doctor and an acupuncturist. After an unfulfilling start in the corporate world as an engineer, she followed her calling and returned to school to become an acupuncturist. Adrienne moved to Charlotte after graduation and is the owner of Inner Peace Acupuncture & Wellness, a successful local wellness clinic.

Last but certainly not least, Kara Markley serves as Co-Owner and Head of Marketing for The Blossoming Kitchen. After taking on various corporate roles in marketing and technology, she decided it was time for a change. Having met and later becoming a client of Adrienne’s, she jumped on the opportunity to grow The Blossoming Kitchen into the successful business it is today.

What They Do:

The Blossoming Kitchen helps CarePods clients save time, money and energy. Each week, Executive Chef Katrina Bearer prepares fresh weekly menus with local, organic ingredients from Charlotte-area farms. Our Podkeepers place your order each week and deliver your meals fresh to your door on Mondays. On Thursdays, we collect and submit your order for the following week. Meals can be frozen for up to two weeks.

Why CarePods:

Executive Chef Katrina Bearer’s love of cooking began when she was four years old and playing sous chef to her grandma in the kitchen. Katrina’s grandmother made everything from scratch and the two would often enjoy their creations while watching the legendary Julia Childs on television. This memory stayed with her and led to her career as a Chef. By partnering with CarePods, The Blossoming Kitchen hopes to support and improve the health of older adults in the greater Charlotte area with their delicious, organic meals.

Affordable, Common Sense Care

CarePods is transforming the aging at home experience for older adults and their families by providing common sense care coordination that helps you protect and enjoy your future.

Plans and Pricing

Other Team Members

Julie Brauer CarePods Charlotte, NC

Julie Brauer, PT, DPT

Julie Brauer, DPT is CarePods' wellness leader. She is fiercely devoted to helping older adults build the strength they need to age at home.

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Katie Davis - CarePods, Charlotte, NC
Founder and CEO

Katie Davis

Katie’s ability to understand the needs of people, connect to a broad audience, and develop strategic relationships, led to 7 “Best of the Best” Argentum awards for outstanding wellness programs.

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Woman sitting on rocks at beach with her french bulldog.

Leighann Mason, MSN

Leighann is a talented RN with experience working with a wide variety of clients. This helped her develop a deep clinical knowledge base and finely tuned assessment skills.

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Jeremy Summey - Geriatric Pharmacist supporting Aging in place with CarePods, Charlotte NC

Jeremy Summey, PharmD

A native of Gaston County, North Carolina, Jeremy has 11 years of experience as a pharmacist with 6 years of clinical experience serving geriatric populations.

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