Founder and CEO

Katie Davis

Doing the right thing is always the right thing.
Katie Davis

Professional Training and Background:

Katie’s entry into the senior housing sector more than a decade ago was a natural fit. From her beginnings as Director of Public Relations with a Charlotte-based management company, Maxwell Group, Katie’s ability to understand the needs of people, connect to a broad audience, and develop strategic relationships, led to 7 “Best of the Best” Argentum awards for outstanding wellness programs. After 5 promotions within 6 years through a variety of communications and operations roles, she became the youngest Chief Operating Officer in company history in 2014 and led the team to historic performance results.

Later, serving as Chief Strategy Officer at Sherpa, a senior housing-focused CRM company, Katie Davis worked on behalf of the Founders and Investor Group, managing all aspects of operations and introducing processes and campaigns that greatly contributed to company growth and valuation.  Inspired by the start-up culture at Sherpa, Katie left her corporate career to become an entreprenur and work on CarePods. During that time, she also founded Brink Brands, a consulting firm that works in the aging services industry and offers pro-bono consulting for promising senior care leaders.

Katie Davis received her Bachelor’s in Public Relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005, and later, a Masters in Health Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte while working full-time.

Why CarePods:

I spent most of my career in the senior housing industry in various leadership positions. One of the first things you learn is that your biggest competitor is not another senior care facility – it’s a person’s home. That finding has remained consistent over the years. Simply put, a resounding majority of older adults want to age in their homes, not in a facility. While there is a thriving home care market, to date there hasn’t been a purpose-built service like CarePods that offers a wide range of amenities that address nutrition, wellness, safety, remote monitoring and ongoing care mangement needs that arise as a person ages-in-place. I believe CarePods is the safety net so many seniors are lacking. My hope is that by using our service, older adults can realistically coordinate and receive care at home without over-burdening their loved ones, isolating themselves or putting themselves at unnecessary risk for negative health events.

My Favorite Things:

Of course my work is a very important part of my life. I feel very fortunate that I can focus my time and energy towards issues that really matter to me. I couldn’t do that without the wonderful, supportive people in my life who never stop encouraging me and who have made their own sacrifices to make CarePods a reality. During my free time, I enjoy riding my horse (I’ve been an equestrian since age 7!), entertaining close friends and family, and gardening.

Affordable, Common Sense Care

CarePods is transforming the aging at home experience for older adults and their families by providing common sense care coordination that helps you protect and enjoy your future.

Plans and Pricing

Other Team Members

Julie Brauer CarePods Charlotte, NC

Julie Brauer, PT, DPT

Julie Brauer, DPT is CarePods' wellness leader. She is fiercely devoted to helping older adults build the strength they need to age at home.

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Leighann Mason, MSN

Leighann is a talented RN with experience working with a wide variety of clients. This helped her develop a deep clinical knowledge base and finely tuned assessment skills.

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Jeremy Summey - Geriatric Pharmacist supporting Aging in place with CarePods, Charlotte NC

Jeremy Summey, PharmD

A native of Gaston County, North Carolina, Jeremy has 11 years of experience as a pharmacist with 6 years of clinical experience serving geriatric populations.

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Chefs and Food Partner

The Blossoming Kitchen

Founded in 2016 by Katrina Bearer, Adrienne Wei and Kara Markley, The Blossoming Kitchen helps clients put their health and well-being first by making it easy and delicious to eat healthy.

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