Julie Brauer, PT, DPT

I can't wait to help you and your loved one experience life's most meaningful moments together for as long as possible.
Julie Brauer, PT, DPT

Professional Training and Background:

Originally a Cleveland, Ohio native, Julie Brauer moved to Charlotte after graduating with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Ohio University in 2015. For the past 5 years, she has primarily worked with patients in the Acute Care and Inpatient Rehab settings within Atrium Health, with the majority of her caseload consisting of (b)OLDER adults (Julie’s term!) who have sustained various injuries or are recovering from illness. On the opposite end of the spectrum, she works with an athletic population inside a fitness facility, guiding her clients through recovery and towards maximizing performance.

Julie’s breadth of experience working with such a wide array of individuals has enabled her to develop a unique, “fitness forward” approach for ALL her clients, regardless of sickness or different levels of physical capabilities. Her ultimate goal is to inspire her clients and their loved ones to adopt a lifestyle of wellness using appropriately dosed exercise as the best medicine to stave off chronic disease and prevent them from unnecessary medicalization or institutionalization.

What I Do:

We feel incredible fortunate to have Julie on board as CarePods’ wellness leader and trainer. Included in our CarePods plans, Julie visits clients in their homes monthly for about an hour at a time. During those visits, you can expect Julie to assess your current physical condition and to build a personalized exercise plan for your needs, designed to help you build strength and stamina no matter your starting point. Clients benefit greatly from Julie’s clinical expertise, her personalized attention and most especially from her determination to help you succeed in the environment of your choosing.

In Julie’s words, “I can’t wait to help you and your loved one experience life’s most meaningful moments together for as long as possible.”

Why CarePods:

My true passion for the older adult developed after I had the opportunity to provide private, at-home care for a 72 year old gentleman diagnosed with brain cancer. Over a year’s span of working with him and his family, I saw firsthand the unique challenges but also beautiful opportunities that come along with making the decision to age at home while battling a terminal disease. My client’s ultimate wish was to age gracefully in his own home. I will never forget the life lessons I learned working with him and his family to accomplish just that. CarePods gives me an opportunity to help many older adults age with audacity as they seek purpose and meaning in their later years.

My Favorite Things:

Outside of clinical care, Julie is a teaching assistant with the Institute of Clinical Excellence’s (ICE) Older Adult division. This Division travels the country educating clinicians about myths and misconceptions of aging, laying out an evidenced based framework and treatment approach to enable older adults to stave off functional decline and optimize their aging experience, with a unique emphasis on progressive functional fitness. Through her extensive coursework with ICE, she has received their Certification for the Modern Management of the Older Adult.

When not involved in clinical care and teaching, you can find Julie working out at studios all around Charlotte, or running through the city listening to an awesome playlist. She makes time to explore the surrounding mountains, always seeking out the most strenous hike, spending time with her 3 year old niece, and finding live music around the city.

Affordable, Common Sense Care

CarePods is transforming the aging at home experience for older adults and their families by providing common sense care coordination that helps you protect and enjoy your future.

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