How Does A Place for Mom Work?

December 24, 2020 by Katie Davis

How does A Place For Mom Work

A Place for Mom (APFM) is one of the most popular and frequently used senior care websites on the internet. If you are searching for senior care, you will likely have some interaction with the company. That’s why it’s important to understand how the company works so you can make an informed decision.

Overview of A Place for Mom

APFM was founded in 2000 in Seattle, Washington by Pamela and John Temple, and Brian Trisler. It is a privately held, for-profit business. As of 2017, a majority of the company is owned by private equity capital firms General Atlantic and Silver Lake.

From its early beginnings, the company has grown exponentially. The company has received investments by various venture capital and private equity firms over the years.

A Place for Mom provides senior care referral services to individuals who are seeking care. The company employs advisors throughout the country who work with families. The advisors refer families to local assisted living, memory care, residential care homes, independent senior apartments and home care services.

Once families submit their information online, an advisor contacts them to learn more about their loved one’s needs.

How Does A Place for Mom Make Money?

A Place for Mom does not charge families any fee for their referral services. Instead, the company enters into agreements with various senior care communities in your local area. In these contracts, senior care facilities agree to pay APFM to send them leads. If a family chooses their facility, the community pays A Place for Mom a referral fee that is typically equal to one month’s rent.

Many communities may contract with A Place for Mom in your local area. So, when you submit your information, A Place for Mom sends out that information to multiple contracted communities. They will not send information to any facility or service that does not contract with them.

What to Expect if You Use APFM

When you submit your information online, you can expect to be contacted by an advisor from A Place for Mom. Once you talk to that person, your information will be sent to communities or services they contract with in your chosen area.

Next, those communities will start contacting you. That means you can expect calls and emails from multiple communities in a short period of time. 

A Place for Mom can be a valuable tool for someone who lives outside of an area and is beginning the search for senior care without any information. But, we recommend that you do not use the website exclusively.

Before you select any senior care provider or service, it is a best practice to visit the community and talk to the staff directly.

You should also ask trusted professionals – like doctors – what community or service they would recommend for your loved one. They are not paid for their referrals and often have a better idea of which facility will have the highest quality care.

And finally, it’s important to remember that A Place for Mom will only send your information to those communities that pay them for referrals. Some of the best communities or senior care providers in your area may not want to use A Place for Mom for that reason. That’s why, when possible, it’s always a good idea to get local and unbiased feedback during your search.

At CarePods, we help clients oversee and find additional care as needed at no additional charge. We also help clients transition to a senior care facility if their needs change. We do not accept referral fees from any local partner so we can remain totally independent and recommend the very best solution for our clients’ needs.

If you are searching for senior care in Charlotte, we’d be happy to help.   


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