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Who Are the Best Geriatricians in Charlotte, NC?

According to Google, there are nearly 900 monthly searches for geriatricians in Charlotte, NC. It’s clear that as we age, receiving excellent care and oversight from a physician you trust is an important factor in staying healthy.  In this blog post, we’ve compiled a working list of top geriatricians in Charlotte, NC based on our…

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The Most Important Question to Ask Any Senior Care Provider

In our experience when searching for care for a loved one, the most important question to ask any senior care provider is: how do you take care of your caregivers? Seeing Beyond the Sales Pitch It’s likely no surprise that every senior care provider, including CarePods, has a sales pitch. Most companies spend a great…

Safely Age-in-place

3 Types of Technology That Help You Safely Age-In-Place

Using technology to help you successfully age-in-place is a smart way to keep costs down without sacrificing quality of care. We recommend older adults and their loved one’s first approach technology that makes aging-in-place safer and easier by identifying their needs first. Then, it’s easier to work backwards to find solutions that are cost-effective and…

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The Case for Senior Home Care: What Does the Evidence Show?

Home care advocates argue truthfully that most people want to age in their own homes. But, if there’s one idea we want to impart at CarePods it’s this: the right place to age is in the environment of YOUR choosing. Is that settled? Good.  The internet (and our very own blog!) contains many articles about whether…

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Is Assisted Living Worth the Cost?

Assisted living is a popular and valuable service that many older adults use when they need more care and support than they can receive at home. Unfortunately, the average monthly cost of $4,300 for assisted living services leaves these communities financially out-of-reach for many older adults and their family members. While this post focuses on…

Can I afford Senior care?

Can I Afford Senior Living?

Senior living costs continue to increase, leaving many people wondering if they can afford to move when the time comes. In 2020, assisted living costs rose 6.1%, which was the highest of all care segments. Since senior living is a broad term, let’s review the costs associated with different types of senior living communities. And…

Best way to care for the Elderly

What is the Best Way to Care for the Elderly?

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic found many countries around the world questioning what is the best way to care for their elderly citizens. In the United States, the question is no different.  On one hand, older adults living in congregate care settings were at the highest risk of contracting the novel Coronavirus. On the other hand,…

Medicare pays for home health care services

Does Medicare Pay for Home Health Care Services?

Home health care is a valuable service that provide necessary support to people who are partially or fully confined in their home. In many cases, home health care services for seniors are covered by traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans.

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Top 3 benefits to Aging in place with CarePods, Charlotte NC

Top 3 Benefits of Home Health Care for Seniors

Because of its accessibility and the variety of services offered, there are many benefits of home health care for seniors. Let’s kick off our list by exploring the most important (and perhaps most obvious) benefit of home health care for seniors. The term “home health care” has a specific meaning in the senior care industry….

Fight Chronic disease - get moving

To Fight Chronic Disease, Get Moving!

By: Kelly Stranburg, CEO of Excellence in Wellness Each October brings the awareness of the importance of regular screenings for breast cancer as well as honoring survivors and remembering those who lost the battle from this terrible disease. Cancer in all its’ various forms impacts each of us and ideally, we want to adopt lifestyle…