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Is CarePods Right For Me?

Human beings aren’t built to be alone. And yet, we often find that our support network of friends, family and even beloved lifetime partners narrows as we age. Many of us also grapple with chronic health conditions that require careful management. And, let’s not forget the occasional fall or injury that leaves us feeling vulnerable and shaken.

Signing up with CarePods means you never have to face these challenges alone again. Our service is an ideal fit for older adults who need additional support to successfully age-in-place. As you will note from the Case Studies below, a wide variety of clients with varying care needs and health conditions benefit from our services.

Many clients experience the support and community they’ve been lacking and life just gets better. Our first client’s story of rejuvenation illustrates this perfectly. During the first week on service, our Team reported that she met them at the door in a wheelchair. By week three, she was using her walker. By week five, she proudly walked upright to let them in. When we asked what inspired her transformation, she said… 

“Knowing you are there, even when I don’t need anything, makes all the difference.”

CarePods Client
  • An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

    Client Details

    Age+Sex: 78, Female

    Living Environment: Living alone in her home at an active aging community

    Cost Savings: $2,500/month compared to local assisted living facility

    Client Concerns:
    Client had recently returned home following a skilled nursing rehabilitation stay after she suffered serious injuries from a fall. She recovered from the injury but was struggling with weight gain, overall weakness, chronic pain and depression that placed her at significant risk for another hospitalization.

    After two months on service eating our healthy meals and implementing her personal wellness program, our client noticed the following improvements:

    • 10 lbs lost
    • Stabilization/consistent lowering of blood pressure
    • Reduction in chronic back + neck pain
    • Increase in lower body strength
    • Improvement in mood due to more socialization + in-home talk therapist referral
    • Only 1 minor fall without injury and no hospitalizations as compared to 30 falls and 2 hospitalizations in comparable period without CarePods


    Our client's family suggested assisted living, but she preferred to remain in her home and community with her friends. This CarePods client experienced significant improvements in both her mental and physical heath during service. In addition, we were able to help her safely navigate various changes in prescriptions, monitor her chronic health conditions, and help find and set up a licensed mental health therapist to visit her at home, alleviating her symptoms of depression.

  • Together is Always Better

    Client Details

    Age+Sex: 82, Female

    Living Environment: Living in her home with her primary caregiver, her husband.

    Cost Savings: $1,900/month compared to local memory care facility

    Client Concerns:
    Our client was living with moderate dementia. At the request of her husband and adult daughter, we worked with the family to help stabilize her health as well as to bring in resources to make the caregiving journey more manageable. All this was done with the goal of keeping them together at home.

    After several months on service, our client registered the following improvements:

    • Weight returned to normal range levels
    • Pharmacological interventions stabilized cognitive decline
    • No falls or injuries
    • Improvements in mood
    • Targeted wellness program and intervention allowed husband time away for respite
    • Improvements in grooming and daily routine facilitated by home care aide sourced by CarePods


    Our clients loved their home and wanted to stay together as long as possible. We deployed our Team to focus on strengthening our client who was frail and underweight. We also provided her husband necessary relief and caregiver support. In addition, our PodLeader was able to proactively identify and manage our client's conditions, preventing a hospitalization and navigating various changes to her medication regimen. Following a period of decline, our client needed additional daily support at home. As a result, we helped source, onboard and manage an excellent home care agency as a supplement to our services.

  • In the Nick of Time

    Client Details

    Age+Sex: 68, Female

    Living Environment: Living alone in her home with family nearby

    Cost Savings:

    Client Concerns:
    Client had a significant acute episode related to previous chronic health issues. Having heard of CarePods, a family member contacted us in the midst of an acute episode. The client was immobile and concerned about acute pain resulting from ongoing back problems.

    Upon onboarding this client, we discovered she was in significant medical distress. After collecting a thorough medical background, we initiated and oversaw all details of her care monthly until stabilization. This included the following:

    • Urgent coordination with multiple physicians
    • Admission and inpatient coordination at local hospital during lengthy stay
    • Ongoing care coordination with client's clinical team at hospital to include skilled nursing placement
    • Placement and follow-up during transition to long-term skilled nursing facility following discharge from rehab facility


    This client's goal was initially to stay in her home. Unfortunately, the severity of her health conditions made living at home untenable. We quickly transitioned into her care coordinators, navigating various acute-care environments on her behalf and eventually helping her find a long-term situation at a community that was an excellent fit for her needs.

What If I Need More Care?

CarePods offers two monthly service packages that include care coordination. That means our Team manages the process of finding and overseeing other care providers as your care needs increase. Should you or your loved one require daily support or hands-on care, we will happily help you source, schedule and oversee the appropriate home care provider. In doing so, we are able to work in concert with them, involving them in your personal wellness and care plan, and improving your experience. In many cases, we can also save you some money along the way! 

To that end, we’ve recently partnered with Homewatch CareGivers of Charlotte to help our clients access better care at an affordable price. To learn more about our new partnership and how it might impact you and your family in a positive way, click here.

Below are two examples from quotes we sent out to prospects inquiring about CarePods as an alternative to traditional assisted living and memory care communities. We hope they give you a better idea of how these scenarios work.

Client Profile:  Considering assisted living or independent living retirement community with part-time companion in the apartment.

We Offered:

  • CarePods $1,595 Package
  • 3 days, 4 hours each of personal support at home from partner Home Care agency
  • Total of 23 in-home visits, 29 touches monthly

Cost of Plan/Savings:
$1,908 per Month
(Cost Savings of $2,000+ per month)

Client Profile:  Adult siblings needing ongoing support for 90-year-old mother with moderate dementia.

We Offered:

  • CarePods $1,595 Package
  • 6 days, 4 hours each on-site support from partner Home Care agency for medication reminders, assistance eating, and social and wellness activities
  • Client-specific, dementia wellness programming to reduce anxiety and agitation
  • Total of 35 in-home visits, 41combined monthly

Cost of Plan/Savings:
$2,916 per Month
(Cost Savings of $3,000 per month over local memory care options)

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